e Signature Software for Sales Teams

Close more deals and boost your sales revenue using Fresh Proposals 


Use electronic signature for your next business document. See the magic of the e Signature, document insights unfold for you.

Grow your revenue faster, collect client details as your clients eSign your sales documents using any internet connected device, from anywhere.

e Signature Software for Sales Teams

Streamline Workflow for Sales Documents

Reuse sales contract documents

Got a perfect template for your sales contract? Use it again and again.

Get contracts signed faster

Send sales document to multiple client-contacts at once and request them to sign the sales contract

Get client-interaction insights

As clients/prospects views your proposal you can check analytics how far/deep they have viewed your document, section by section

Track signature status

Sent contract to multiple contacts? Track who all have signed and and who is pending

Automated Follow up

Send and forget, till client signs the document. Let the automated email follow ups do the job for you.

Get paid faster too

As client signs the document, you can use Stripe payment integration to collect the advance of sales contract value

What they say about Fresh Proposals e Signature Solution


I’m very happy with this purchase. I believe over the long run this is going to save us a lot of money, and provide a ton of convenience for my clients to get great-looking proposals quickly and conveniently right to their email. It will also save sales time from making new proposals constantly with the templates option

  • It has e-signature which saves on DocuSign or HelloSign too
  • The software works, as stated
  • The support is good, they have been responsive
  • Templates are nice and easy to update

— Mitch Goudy (Digital Marketing Agency)

How Does It Work?

e Signature software that helps you get your remote document signing work done easier and faster.

Your sales team can send sales contract to clients, procurement team can send sourcing contract to vendors, accounts team can process invoices, bills, HR team can onboard employees and get NDAs signed electronically.

e Signature Software - Fresh Proposals



Documents signed, deal-done

in a day whereas one third of these documents are signed in less than an hour on the same day


Average saving per document

Forget about manual labour and hard cost of processing the document thereby improve human productivity


Apps integrations

to automate your business workflow from CRM to project management, organizing signed documents to billing, accounting and many more


Fresh Proposals enables you to create, send and manage documents for electronic signing. It is easy to use, create documents, and pretty simple for anyone to adopt the professional platform to e Sign documents.

Sign Anywhere, Anytime

You can request and get the document eSigned at any time and anywhere. in the world . Whether you are at home, office or on the go, using your smartphone or tablet or laptop or desktop

Track Document Lifecycle

Unlike traditional document signing process, you can clearly track and view the lifecycle of the document being signed; even whether it is opened, viewed, signed, paid, etc..

Legally Binding

The documents signed using Fresh Proposals are legally binding in courts of most countries in the world.. It complies with U.S. ESIGN Act and UETA as well as IT Act 2000, India.

Automatic Reminder

Your clients/ vendors /partners /employees will be automatically reminded automatically to sign the document, if they haven’t signed it already. You can set when they should be reminded

Track Multiple Signatories

You can request signatures from multiple representatives of two parties, You can also check signature status for all signatories separately.

Secure & Compliant

You can rely on the platform to protect your privacy, securing your data and fulfilling the data residency requirements .


It is a new way of doing business. EMBRACE It. Get an edge over the traditional approach & your competitors

Saves Cost

Automating the process of signing documents online helps you reduce the cost. It is no more about hard copies, manual transfer/shipping of documents. It is environment friendly too.

Saves Time

Being online means you are no longer running around posts to pillar and things are available at a click of a button. Saving time and saving cost goes hand in hand. Best part of eSignature, it is fast

Do Business Faster

Not only Fresh Proposals makes it easy, quick users/clients to sign the document, it also enables companies do business faster: close deals to kick-off projects. Notifications, insights helps you drive results faster.


The buzzword today is convenience. When everything we want is available to us at a click, why should business documents be exception. You can follow the due-diligence, review process still the way you can eSign the document online is very convenient.

Clear Visibility

Traditional form or signing document lacks visibility to the status. Fresh Proposals gives you clear visibility to what is happening with your document: is it even opened, viewed, signed (who, when). Be specific in your communication and you can avoid shooting in the dark. 

Increased Compliance

The things you do with papers to be compliant with business transactions, you can have the similar compliance with eSignature process and the features tool offers. Temper proof documents and audit trail help you be compliant with state, federal laws.

Improved Customer Experience

The ability to sign the document online is a different experience. Sign it either by typing, writing or uploading scanned image. It is hassle free experience that makes you look far more professional than others dealing with your client/prospects

Get Paid Faster

The very nature of eSignature being online, you can trigger the payment flow automatically as soon as client signs the document. This speeds up the business flow to collect advance payment from your client. With integration with Stripe payment, you can get paid faster.

Reduced Risks

The chances of loosing the document, forgery are next to none if you use eSignatures. Thereby you reduce the risks associated with the process of signing the documents in a traditional way. You have a greater audit trail and therefore better compliance mechanism.

Where can you use e Signature?

Fresh Proposals unfolds endless opportunities for you to mange documents-signing for sales team

Sales Proposals


Sales Quotes

Sales Contracts

Sign-off Documents

Purchase Orders

Non Disclosure Agreements

Engagement Letters

Sales Agreements

eSignature for your business growth

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e Signature Software for Sales Team

Embrace the change for good. Make e Signatures, a part of your daily business activities, routine and set your business to grow faster.

e Signature Software for Sales
e Signature Software - any time, anywhere
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