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Ready for a super easy and fundamentally new way to manage sales proposals?

Proposal Software

Boring & Frustrating Days of Proposal Making Are Over

Time to say Goodbye to MS Word & other design tools. It is a time to make a fresh start and take your proposal process to next level – more power, more confidence to your sales team

Super Productive

Use online proposal editor with ease. Forget styling woos and start using text, images, videos, signature and graphical shapes instantly. Collaborate with experts/proposal contributors, with greater clarity

Immersive & Impressive

Get started quickly with elegant ready to use proposal templates. Stand out and get your client hooked up to your proposals right from the first moment

Analytical & Actionable

‘Proposal sent & silence’ is a thing of past. Get notified as soon as your  prospective client opens proposal, reads through it and comments. Analytics enables you seize the exact moment and close the deal.

Impress Your Clients & Close Deals Faster


Create phenomenal proposals that make clients say YES!

Choose handcrafted, professionally designed and awesome looking proposal templates from library. Make proposal interactive with pricing table, shapes, videos as well as online signatures. Your proposals will easily allow clients to choose products/services they require, add comments, digitally sign and accept the proposal. The process will surely leave your client highly impressed.

Proposal Software - Create Stunning Proposals
Proposal Software - Faster Sign off with eSignature

Faster sign-off with online signature

Clients can electronically sign the proposals pretty easily right in the browser without any other fancy device. Clients will be made aware that eSignature is legally binding for signing parties.

Not only client will get impressed with your proposals but signing online and accepting your proposals will make your clients consider you as a forward looking company adopting current and secure technology.

Actionable proposal intelligence

You are notified every time client interacts with your online proposal. It reflects the digital body language of the client such as which sections they looked at, how many times, amount of time spent on each section/page, etc.

It is immensely valuable insights that any sales person would love to have. Your sales team can easily beat your competition if they act on this intelligence.

Management can also track company’s sales performance looking at sales pipeline, targets numbers using dashboard,


Proposal Software - Get Actionable Intelligence
Proposal Software - Automated Follow up

Stop them from turning cold

The beauty of online proposal software is, it helps you automate the proposal process. If prospects have not opened your proposal, system enables you to set smart reminders to follow up with them. Thus you can ensure your proposal stays on top of your client’s mind even if he is busy.

Also based on client’s interactions with the proposal, you are notified and prompted to connect with the client.


What is an online proposal software?

In simple English language: An online proposal software is a computer program tool that allows you to create and manage sales proposal document which can be shared with your customer. This tool is designed specifically to speed up the sales proposal process with a paradigm shift in terms of design, interactivity, anywhere-anytime access features, reporting, and integrations among other capabilities.

Depending on features, access channel, use-case, free-or-paid options, there are various kinds of proposal software.


Proposal Software- what is it
importance of Proposal Software

Why does one need an online proposal software?

Short answer: to stay ahead in the game and win more business.

An online roposal software offers

  • Pre-designed proposal templates that give you a great head-start and save many hours in the proposal creation process.
  • A built-in digital signature that your prospective client can use to sign its name online to accept and approve your proposal legally.
  • Precise intelligence to help you track client interaction with the proposal, such as the number of times the client was on a particular page, how much time has s/he spent on a given page/section, etc.


What are the types of online proposal software?

There are various kinds of online proposal software depending on who wants to use it, how they want to use it, for whom do they want to use it. e.g. categories of proposal tools can be

  • Online (web-based) vs Offline (desktop-based)
  • On-premise vs Cloud-based proposal tools
  • Single user/SMB user vs Department/Team Users
  • Basic Vs Advanced/ Enterprise proposal software
  • General usage Vs Industry/Sector Specific proposal software


Proposal Software - Get Actionable Intelligence
Proposal Software - Automated Follow up

What are the must-have features for an online proposal software?

Online proposal software is only good if it helps you close the sales deals. Here are the 9 critical features you must look at before you choose a proposal software,

  • Proposal Creation-Editing
  • Proposal Design
  • Proposal Collaboration
  • Proposal Automation
  • Interactive Proposal Pricing/ Quote
  • Proposal Tracking
  • Proposal Signing and Acceptance
  • Integration with Other Tools
  • Proposal Reporting, Dashboard



Online Proposal Software Based on Usage


Proposal Creation Software

Proposal creation software is a type of software that transforms abstract ideas into concrete proposals. It enables entrepreneurs to find the best mix of features, draw visualizations, and generate detailed product plans.

Proposal Design Software

Business proposal design software usually consists of templates, which can be customized as much as needed. They also usually contain examples and an instructional guide.

Proposal Collaboration Software

The art of proposal writing is difficult, but with the right tools, it can be manageable. Proposal collaboration software helps writers collaborate with team members in real-time, saving time and improving processes.

Business Proposal Software

Software that stores, creates, and drafts these documents would no doubt be a huge help to any company. Business proposal software is a program that helps to manage the process of writing, designing, collaborating, presenting, and signing proposals.

Proposal Creator

Proposal creator is software that helps businesses create proposals, quickly and easily. All you have to do is upload your proposal’s information into the program and it will automatically generate a professional proposal in PDF format for you.

Proposal Maker Software

This page discusses the new software on the market today that is geared towards making proposals for clients. There are a lot of tools out there that can help you with this process, but not many do it as well as the Proposal Maker Tool.

Proposal Template Software

Proposal template software can help companies to save time when creating proposals for customers because it pre-populates the customer’s information with ease. When this is done, it also ensures that all copies to the customer are identical, which is not an easy task when doing so manually.

Proposal Automation Software

Proposal automation is a process used to save time and money for businesses by reducing the number of proposals that need to be written. Proposal automation also helps to streamline and automate the proposal process, making it easier than ever to manage and execute each proposal.

Proposal Analytics Software

Proposal analytics software is a type of analytical program that helps businesses identify whether the prospect ever opened, viewed, or accepted the proposal. It can also help companies build more successful proposal strategies.


Proposal Pricing Software

Proposal Pricing Software is designed to make it easier for salespeople to charge clients accurately. It’s an invaluable tool for sales professionals because it takes the human error out of pricing proposals and makes quoting jobs easy.

Proposal Builder

Proposal Builder software is a software program that can be used for creating professional-quality proposals, proposals that are likely to win the desired award. The software is easy to use, has many templates available for different types of proposals, and also offers free lifetime upgrades.

Proposal Generator

A proposal generator is a new system that allows users to create a proposal for any type of project, from a research paper to a business report. The user simply chooses the subject and the format of the proposal they would like to create and then fills in the blanks with their own content.

Quoting Tool

The need for contractors to create complex financial calculations can be eliminated with the use of quoting software, saving significant time and money on complex worksheets. Customers will also benefit from quotes or estimates generated by business quoting software as they are often more accurate than those created manually.

Managing Your Sales Proposals Doesn’t Have to Be Hard.

We are creating a sales enablement platform which will do the heavy lifting and simplify, streamline sales proposal process for you.

"What you guys are building is incredible! As I told you, we get frustrated with our current tools. I am sure your tool will help agencies like us greatly. Plus proposal analytic is icing on the cake"

– Chris M

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