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September 03, 2020

How to Write a Timeline Section of Digital Marketing Proposal

timeline section of digital marketing proposal

Timeline Section of Digital Marketing Proposal – Critical Elements to Include

In today’s hyper-connected and highly competitive world if you want your digital marketing proposal to make the most out of it then it needs to be prepared in every way. Every successful digital marketing proposal is backed with a solid plan of action- the timeline. 

The timeline table is one of the most crucial elements in your digital marketing proposal. The more realistic it is, the more your prospect can gain clarity of when they can expect to see the result. That’s because

  • It describes the steps you will take and how you’ll plan to meet each objective.
  • It details the people involved 
  • The strategy to accomplish your plan
  • The deadlines for each task.

Today in this article, we’ll discuss how you can break down the timeline section of your digital marketing proposal to set the ultimate realistic digital marketing timeline.

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A Month by Month Timeline Section of Digital Marketing Proposal

Audit, Research and Initial Planning Stage (0-2 Months)

The first three months of your digital marketing campaign will be all about thorough research. There are many factors that you should consider while doing this research such as understanding their needs and buyer person through a questionnaire, analytics setup, site audits, analysis of keyword volume and competitiveness, navigation scanning and optimization suggestions, review, and assessment of the client’s current social media platforms and many more. 

This comprehensive research will help you determine the level of complexity and depending on the complexity of the project you can then create a more realistic timeline for your prospect.

Due to the heavy focus on research during this phase, there won’t be any measurable improvements in the results and so make sure to highlight that in the timeline.

Implementation of the Plan (3-6 Months)

This will be the stage where you’ll start digging into implementing strategies based upon the research you did in the first phase of initial audit and research. 

Here are a few key things you must include while presenting the timeline of implementation stage (also don’t forget to mention the time you’ll require for each task),

  • SEO: Page navigation implementation based on the site map that you created in the first phase
  • SEO: Heading tags optimization (based on the keyword research) to make the site search engine friendly
  • SEO: Improvement of the current pages
  • Content Marketing: Content management and development of good content
  • Social Media: Creation of social media accounts, publishing posts, engagement, tracking-monitoring, optimization
  • Paid Marketing : PPC management using the targeted Adwords
  • Email Marketing: Segmentation of leads, writing campaign copy, execution of effective email marketing campaigns
  • Content Marketing: Establishment of a strong content distribution approach to help content reach new networks (from social media platforms to emails)
  • Landing page optimization: Integration of a landing page with a choice of platform and technology

Depending on the size of your potential client’s company and the complexity of the campaign, this phase could take a month or it could take several.

Fine-Tuning the Digital Marketing Strategies (6 Months and Beyond)

Effective optimization never ends. This stage is about sustaining ongoing digital marketing activities and updating them. Below are a few important elements that you should include to clarify what you are going to do after the 6 months of launching your digital marketing campaign,

  • Optimization for any new keyword targets or audiences 
  • Content promotion
  • Site speed testing
  • Conversion rate optimization planning
  • Content creation drafting
  • Examination of the potential link building opportunities and content ideas.
  • Audience building and content sharing on social media
  • Conversion Funnel Optimization
  • Run A/B testing for important marketing campaigns
  • Google Adword campaign tracking and reporting
  • Automation of email marketing campaign

At this point, let your prospect know that they will begin to see some moderate to significant improvements in their rankings, site traffic, amount of leads, conversion rate, and ROI after 12 months of actual strategy implementation and optimization. 

Proposing a Digital Marketing Campaign Schedule- Remember These

Now that we have a better understanding of what really goes into a realistic digital marketing timeline section, now let’s discuss a few steps that’ll help you make this section even more effective.

Step 1: Understand Their Priorities and Goals

Here are some different key performance indicators (KPIs) that you can use to understand your prospect’s goals,


  • Increase site traffic
  • Increase click-through rate


  • Increase the open rate 
  • Increase click-through rate

Social Media

  • Build an audience
  • Increase content engagement, likes, and shares


  • Increase website traffic and sales
  • Lower bounce rate

Step 2: Identify and Schedule your Key Milestones

When you’ve got a good idea of what needs to get done, organize everything in a calendar. After mapping it in a calendar, identify and schedule the key milestones.

Step 3: Identify Obstacles and Remove Them

Regardless of how much preparation you do in planning all the strategies, you’re bound to encounter some challenges along the way. That’s why it is best to identify such potential obstacles beforehand and remove them.  

That’s about it!!!

An effective timeline section for a digital marketing proposal is absolutely essential for closing the deal. I hope this post has helped you understand the factors needed to create a realistic digital marketing timeline.

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