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May 08, 2020

How to Write a Cover Letter for SEO Proposal?

Write a Cover Letter for SEO Proposal

6 Steps to Write a Cover Letter for SEO Proposal

The cover letter section is the first thing your prospect will go through before they read your proposal. That’s why you need to make sure that you set your expectations from the start. 

Now imagine this: the client receives two cover letter emails on the same day offering similar SEO services that meet the client’s needs. But somehow, the client only opens, reads, and replies to only one while being completely ignorant to the other. So the question here is, why does he consider one and toss the other?

Well, there are several possible explanations for that but all of them come down to the same thing which is, how well the cover letter was written and presented. 

The goal of a letter for your SEO proposal is to establish a partnership with the client. In other words, it’s purpose is to give the teaser of your services, convince them to read the rest of the proposal, and hire you as a service provider.

Only the quality sales cover letters can put your SEO proposal on the radar of potential clients. On the other side, poorly written sales cover letters can result in wasted resources. This blog is written to help you make sure that you are writing the right kind of cover letter for your SEO proposal- the one your potential clients will open, read, and reply to.

Step 1: Create an Outline

This is nothing but a skeleton of what you’ll be writing. So first things first, create a simple list of bullet points and sub-bullet points outlining the flow of your cover letter. Normally an outline of every cover letter starts with a headline and ends with call-to-action.

An outline helps you to categorize key points and to structure the paragraph into a logical order. Basically, an outline prevents you from getting stuck or losing track while doing the actual writing. I know, creating an outline requires a small amount of time but the time you put into creating it will result in saving even more time during the writing phase. 

Step 2: Create a Short, Powerful Headline

The goal of this step is to tap into your potential client’s thoughts and emotions. Its role is to capture the reader’s attention and encourage them to read more. So make sure that your headline makes a clear promise that matches up with the needs or interests of your prospect.  Here are 3 top tips for your headline 

Keep it real: Communicate like a real human and not like a pushy marketing salesperson who is just interested to quickly sell his services.

  • Good Example: You deserve better organic traffic to your website.
  • Bad Example: Want SEO services?

Keep it short: If it is too long they may jump on the second line or even worse- get cut off.

  • Good Example: Reach your full potential with SEO
  • Bad Example: Wasting time and effort in optimizing your website? Our SEO service will help you reach your goal.

Keep it relevant: Keep relevant to the body of your email. If you put irrelevant words in the subject line, your email could look “spammy”. Because such headlines practically guarantee that your prospects will delete your sales emails without even opening them. 

  • Good Example: It’s time to increase organic traffic flow to your online assets
  • Bad Example: 100% Page 1 Ranking via SEO

Step 3: The Opening Paragraph

the opening paragraph of a cover letter for seo proposal


Example: “Dear….” Use your potential customer’s name.

Start by asking a question that will bring the greatest benefit of your SEO services in the scene. 

Example: Would you like to get more leads, more customers, and more sales? Read more!!! Because this may be the most important information for your future business growth.

Answer the question by simply introducing your SEO services and the results you’ll achieve.


  • “Here’s how…”
  • “Here’s why…”

Clear potential doubts by talking about how you’ve helped other companies achieve similar results.

Example: “Do these results sound unbelievable? I thought so too but then with 7 years of experience, we have helped many clients skyrocket their leads, customers, and sales with our SEO services.” 


Example: “Dear….” Use the potential customer’s name

Start by referring to your previous discussion or just by thanking them.

  • Example 1: “During our initial discovery meeting, you mentioned that {client_name} is not able to reach to the desired level.”
  • Example 2:  “We at {my_company} are thrilled to have an opportunity to submit a proposal to help your company with your SEO requirements.”

Quickly add 2-3 good reasons to make them believe they will discover how your flexible and transparent SEO strategies will work for them. Use statements that state positive results.

Step 4: The Solution to Their Pain Points

Now before conveying a believable solution as yourself these questions,

  • What are the features of this service that you are going to provide?
  • What are the benefits of these features?
  • What are the problems these benefits will help address?
  • What is the CORE pain point your potential client has?
  • Why has this person not been able to solve it in the past?

These questions will help you explain the goals that you’ll achieve with your solution. You can also use the bullet points to list out the features with their special benefits (pointing towards the solution to their CORE pain point)

  • Feature 1: Benefit 1 (More Customers)
  • Feature 2: Benefit 2 (Better Conversion Rate)
  •  Feature 3: Benefit 3 (Established brand awareness)

Pro Tip: To highlight the benefits of your SEO services ask yourself, Why should your prospect invest in SEO?” and then showcase the benefits of your services.

Step 5: Establish Credibility, Add Endorsement

List a few brief, encouraging testimonials that endorse your described features and benefits. 

Example: “But you don’t have to necessarily believe what I’m telling you. Here’s what our satisfied customers are saying.”

Talk about your team by highlighting the years of SEO industry experience they have. The purpose of this paragraph is to prove that your company is qualified to handle the issue that your prospective client has.

Step 6: Call to Action

The final and the most important thing that you need to do to end your SEO proposal cover letter is to tell the reader exactly what to do next. This should encourage them to read your proposal or contact you to answer all their queries if they have. It should look something like this, Examples:

  • “Scroll below to check all the necessary details in the proposal. I look forward to having more thorough discussions with you this project about this project
  • “We will give you a call on {day_and_date} to answer all your queries you might have and discuss further steps.”

Wrap Up

Whew!!! All right there you have it, my super-secret 6 step SEO proposal cover letter writing process. I hope that you’ll use this step-by-step guide to writing your next cover letter for SEO proposal. 

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