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July 03, 2020

How to Write Scope of Services Section for SEO Proposal?

Services Section for SEO Proposal

5 Necessary Elements to Write Services Section for SEO Proposal

Before your prospect decides whether to buy your SEO services or not, you must explain precisely what exactly you’re offering. And there is a dedicated section to help you set out all the necessary information – Scope of Services. Many digital agencies also call it as SEO Strategies, SEO Campaign Work, or simply SEO Scope of Work.

The services section of your SEO proposal is not just about clarifying what you can do for your prospect but it’s also about outlining how your company stands out from your competition.

So, in this article, we’ll discuss the necessary elements that you’ll need to make the services section of your SEO campaign proposal as effective as possible.

1. Have a Brief “Elevator Pitch” at the Top

When prospects actually arrive at this section you must engage their interest and hold their attention and in order to do this, you must open your scope of services section with a hook that will give them no choice but to read the rest of the section.

So, before asking your prospects to dig into details of each of your SEO services, give them a top-level view of what kind of services you offer and what value these services provide (a.k.a your elevator pitch). This will establish a context through which they’ll be able to interpret the rest of the information they are going to read.

For example, “We’re an SEO agency that offers services like {list of services}” sounds a lot less powerful than, “We offer tailored SEO services for our clients that increases their organic traffic, leads, conversions, and revenue.” 

The most effective elevator pitches address the prospect’s pain points. This is why when presenting an overview of your services as a summary, be sure to explain how your services will improve their bottom line.

2. Focus on the Benefits and Not on the Features

Features tell but benefits sell.

No doubt this section is to convey the quality of your SEO services but you shouldn’t focus too much on the features. Rather explain WHY your services are useful and HOW your services can benefit your prospect.

This includes how your services can solve your prospect’s problem, how it can improve their situation. It’s all about adding value in some way. Below is the formula to present the benefits of your SEO services:

  • A headline- To describe the name of the service
  • A subheadline / short paragraph- To explain what this service offers
  • Bullet points- List of the main benefits of the service

Just make sure the benefits you write directly points towards their pain points.

3. Include these Common SEO Services Solutions

The following are the most common SEO solutions you should include in this scope of work section. You can adjust these services as per your prospect’s specific concerns.

  • Full Website Audit: Through the website audit, show them what’s working and where you can help them improve their performance. Support your claims and opinions with proof and stats provided by your audit.
  • Keyword Research: Explain your process for keyword research analysis and the tools you use for keyword research.
  • Content Quality Review: Describe how you’ll monitor on-site (blogs, product pages, infographics, landing pages.) and off-site content (content is used on other sites, backlinks) and outline the approach that you will suggest to revamp the client’s web content to make it more SEO friendly.
  • Link Outreach: Explain how’ll help your client generate external quality links to their website.
  • Accessibility: Explain your process to test the accessibility of the client’s website.
  • Indexability: Briefly explain the process to test the indexability of each page of your client’s website.
  • On-page Analysis: Explain the items you’ll look into for on-page analysis.
  • Off-page Analysis: Describe how off-page analysis will help you determine the popularity of the client’s website, the social buzz, backlinks from other websites.
  • Competitive Analysis: Describe the steps here that you will carry out to find the client’s competition and their strategies.

While explaining your potential SEO solutions be ultra-careful about not giving comprehensive details about the services. The key here is to give a rough sketch of the method you will use for the execution.

4. Don’t Make Guarantees

The trick here is to focus on achievable and realistic results. SEO results can’t be guaranteed, so if it is something you’re doing it while writing services section of your SEO proposal, then it might be time to adjust your entire sales strategy.

No SEO firm/company can offer an honest guarantee of ranking on the 1st page. The guaranteed result behind the ranking is not in the hands of any agencies. An ideal scope of work section of an SEO proposal will always have a detailed plan talking about how you’ll work to help your client increase their ranking. It’ll focus on increasing visitors eventually instead of promising a fast growth in users.

If your prospect has had poor experiences in the past with other SEO agencies or is considering making an investment in your services then he’s more likely to look for guarantees in this section, but remember SEO is all about performance and not ranking. So, make sure that you never promise guaranteed results in the services section. Clients are more receptive towards greater transparency, weekly reporting. You can offer guarantee of weekly reporting, thorough keyword research, diligent content / backlinking efforts, etc.

5. Avoid SEO Jargon

Just because you and others working in the SEO industry knows what you’re talking about, doesn’t mean your potential client does. The more technical you’ll get the more likely they’ll be confused. When people are confused they don’t become customers.

Sometimes you might be sending proposals to such clients who may not have heard of SEO. So in that case, to ensure that your writing is effective and it is keeping your recipient engaged; be sure to avoid jargon and replace it with simple terms and phrases.

Use terms your prospect would use typically while trying to explain what they need. Because in the end, you don’t want to leave prospects guessing what your SEO services can do for them.

I hope these elements will guide you when it comes to writing your scope of work section for SEO proposal. What questions can we answer for you? Share it in the comments section!

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