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June 17, 2020

How to Write a Case Study Section for SEO Proposal?

case study section for seo proposal

Write Case Study Section for SEO Proposal in 4 Effective Steps

Case studies: Love them or hate them but it still remains a critical part of your sales proposal.  And it is especially important if you’re offering SEO services because there are already a lot of digital marketing agencies out there in the market offering almost similar SEO services as you. A case study is something that can help set you apart from the competition by explaining the value you can offer with your services.

It is one of the brilliant ways to promote your business. Because people love reading stories about other people and when you tell them how you’ve helped your previous clients solve a problem, they tend to quickly relate to it because they’ve got the same problems.

A great case study in your SEO proposal gives prospective clients a real insight into the benefits of your SEO services and also an idea of what it’s like to work with you. In today’s article, we’ll discuss the steps for writing a case study section for SEO proposal.

Give a Little Background

The case study section of your SEO proposal will begin with a background presentation. This background can be about the previous client’s details or it can be about how your relationship with the client evolved or how your agency was identified by the client. 

Think of it as a “once upon a time part of your case study story”. It should be short, concise, and good enough for anyone to understand the context of your case study.

Example: “XYZ is one of the oldest skin care products companies in the market that has been running its SEO campaign internally for many years. In fact, XYZ is one of those players who embraced SEO strategies very early in their industry and, to be honest with their strategies they did experience success.”

Describe the Problem

Your prospect needs to have a clear understanding of the problem for which you offered a solution to the previous client. This is the “before” part of your case study section where you specify why exactly were you hired, what the problem was, what challenges were you helping the client to overcome. 

You can clarify that by defining the client’s situation prior to turning to your company for assistance.

Example: “XYZ company had a loyal customer following and recognizable brand but a few years back the competition began in their industry. Various brands of skincare products began securing search result visibility. And that’s when they appointed {my_agency} to increase their website’s visibility, drive traffic, online sales and revenue with our SEO services.”

Describe the Solution

This is where you describe how your SEO services helped solve your client’s problems or address the challenges they faced. Here you should include various factors such as your strategic planning, your team dynamics, your style. In short the entire process of implementation, including a timeline.

If you offered a customizable SEO solution to the client then specify the list of services the client got from you, share how and why you guided them towards those particular SEO services. 

Example: “Based on the audit during the analysis, we developed a full-fledged SEO strategy mainly focusing on increasing the trust and relevancy. Modifications to their website included changes in the content, descriptors, headlines, links, and many more. We secured quite a number of backlinks from various high-quality beauty blogs. Within the first 5 months, XYZ began to see moderate to significant results in their SEO ranking, traffic rate, and sales.” 

Evaluate the Result

This is the last and the most exciting part of your case study. This is where you get a full opportunity to shine. Explain how their business transformed after they started using your SEO services, what exactly your SEO services do for the client, what was the ultimate benefit to them, share the entire story here in the “result section”.

In fact, rather than just telling your prospect what results your client got with your SEO campaign, you can actually let the client tell them. That means include a client testimonial – ask your client for a quote or else you can write the draft for them and get it approved from them and simply include that in your case study. 

Example: “We hired BBB agency to do our website and they did an amazing job at boosting our search engine rankings. Their SEO strategies helped us to bring real customers to our website. Our web traffic is up by 45% and annual revenue increased by 27%. This can’t get better. We highly recommend BBB agency to anyone with a website that needs improved search engine rankings, more leads, and more sales.”

That’s about it!!!

Remember, your case study section for SEO proposal doesn’t need to be complicated but it does need to be effective. 

So what does your case study section look like? Let us know in the comment section below.

Also, don’t forget to checkout a critical review of SEO proposal’s case study section.

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