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August 15, 2019

6 Creative Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Business with Email Marketing

email marketing tips to drive more raffic

Cool New Email Marketing Tips to Drive More Traffic to Your Business

If you ask any marketer or a salesperson that if they can have 3 wishes then what will they ask for ? and one wish would be definitely MORE CUSTOMERS.

To acquire more customers what you need is MORE TRAFFIC to your site or business. But driving traffic to your site can be a challenge for many marketers, business owners. They are unable to find the right answers for questions such as

How does the business communication happen?

How do banks send statements and transaction alerts to you?

Email marketing is the answer. The main purposes of email marketing are to

  1. Connect with your audience, customers, or clients.
  2. To create brand awareness
  3. Build trust and loyalty

Put simply, email marketing as a technique, needs the following three things

  1. Audience (list of email recipients)
  2. Message (what you want to convey to your audience)
  3. Email campaign software (tools to organize email list, compose email content and sending emails)

You can get creative in each of these three elements and drive more traffic to your business by

Email Marketing Basics

An email list is however needed to give this marketing campaign a boost. In addition to that, the marketer needs to think of a creative way for crafting emails, so that s/he can attract the target or potential customer’s attention, get stand out in the inbox and get the traffic through. (and subtly invite the audience to try-buy your products, services)

Although it may look like a simple strategy to start with, one needs to be creative enough to drive this campaign.

In today’s post, we’re going to look at a few tips and tricks to boost site traffic with creative email marketing. But if you want to make it work, make sure that you are not doing common email marketing mistakes.

1. Encourage People to Subscribe to Your Email List

Collecting email addresses to use in marketing campaigns is the biggest challenge for any marketer to deal with. Let’s have a look at new ways on how you can encourage prospects to subscribe.

Facebook :

Do your business have a Facebook page? 

Yes? Great. Go on, skip the next question and read further.


Do yourself a favor and create one

You can use your Facebook page for your business to grow your email list.


Start collecting emails from interested audiences, followers and friends. It is an awesome way to share content, engage with your followers, and build your brand. Make sure to add email sign up link/sign up form to your Facebook page. In your Facebook posts and videos, use creative ways (language, images, GIFs) to encourage viewers to subscribe to your page, email list.

Here’s is an example of how you can add a Sign-up form to your Facebook page.

Email marketing tips to drive more traffic - How GetResponse Uses Facebook



Blogs have a huge impact on online marketing. Blogs offer informative content for the online community, most people search for information on blogs. Blogging also helps you get discovered via social media.

And plus every time you write a blog post, you’re creating content that people can share on social platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, etc which helps expose your business to a new audience that may not know you yet.

You can use those blogs to collect email addresses from visiting viewers and audiences. But make sure your blog’s content is informative and what the target audience wants so that the audience willingly provide an email address.

Promotional Videos:

Video marketing makes a huge difference. You can upload promotional or explanatory videos on YouTube. YouTube has over a billion users and creates massive traffic every day from all corners of the world. So you can even take a jump in that traffic and make the most of it to collect email addresses from the same.

In short, you need to give reasons for the visitors to subscribe to your promotional emails.

Here is a video by Wes McDowell, Creative Director at The Deep End Design. Check this video how The Deep End has used explicit Call to Action (CTA) to turn youtube visitors into email subscribers. This is how it is done.

                             Source:The Deep End

2. Respond to Email Replies

If you really want to drive traffic to your business, you have to engage with your subscribers. Responding to a subscriber’s mail builds confidence and trust thus increasing their chances of visiting your official website, or better still, make an order. And it also shows how much do you actually care for your subscribers? How do you show them they’re more than a name on a list?

A good way to accomplish all of these goals is by being present, being available, and being human. Always, ALWAYS respond to a subscriber who’s replied to your newsletter – even if they’re complaining, or negative, those can be quite difficult to handle but I think sometimes they can be even more important than positive replies, as they can highlight mistakes you may not be aware of.

Creative Email Marketing Tips to Drive More Traffic - Responses


You should keep two-way communication with them, but make sure that you’re using your personal email address!
Don’t worry you won’t be bombarded with answers in most cases. But if yes, what’s the worst thing that can happen?

You’ll learn a lot about your audience, your subscribers, customers and will have the power to learn, listen and improve your product and service likewise!

3. Let Subscribers Know What to Expect

If you are trying to acquire email addresses of a potential customer without telling them what would they expect from the process, then none of them will hand you their personal address.

And this seems pretty basic, right?

Your subscribers should know why you need their email addresses. Telling these subscribers what to expect from you gives them a peace of relief – this means they will most probably open an email and read through the mail. You need to let them know,

  1. What makes your business unique
  2. How it can help them
  3. Why should they opt-in?

You, however, need to be careful not to send too many emails, their engagement (clicks, responses) will tell you about the frequency to send the email messages.

4. Give Users an Incentive to Purchase

More you understand the psychology of your audience better, it will help you drive them to your business website. If you offer your subscribers a coupon in exchange for their email address, make sure you set up your email automation to actually send the coupon code in the email. Create an obvious CTA that takes users directly to your website to redeem the coupon.

If you offered a PDF or something else in exchange for an email, make sure it’s included in the welcome email only.

Just have a look at the Myntra’s email leading to 50-80 % off and in addition to that giving more bucks to shop more.

email marketing tips to drive more traffic

5. Get Creative by Sending “Email Games”

To drive website traffic, marketers are getting extra creative with their emails.

You can also be creative and think of an easy-to-play game that engages your subscribers. Let’s say, for example, you might ask subscribers a trivia questions or get subscribers to pick their favorite fashion trend by choosing between two photos. And then you can create a path from email to checkout the trend that is been clicked and gives them the ability to buy it. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy. It just has to be out-of-the-ordinary.

This way subscribers can have fun and also that will help you not just driving website traffic but can drive sales too.

Game emails - Scratch in Email - gamification


6. Get GIF-fy With It

use GIFs in email marketing


Before, books and writing were the only things we could use in order to translate our emotions and thoughts. In the modern world, however, we can’t afford to miss anything. We’re scattered and running around because there is so much information and not enough time.

Now, we can share our ideas, thoughts, feelings, hopes, and dreams at the click of a button. Our thoughts travel across the globe through screens.

Brad Zeff, Chief Content Officer and General Counsel of Giphy and Samantha Scharff, the CEO of Giphy Studios are two people that are trying to animate the globe and redefine digital communication. We’re the people that bring you all the GIFs. Our mission is to make everything move,” says Zeff. So you can make use of these GIF’s to make an otherwise plain email into an exciting moving picture.

However, not all email providers support GIFs; those that don’t will only display the first frame. So if you use a GIF, make sure the first frame of it works on its own.

In summary:

Hands down email marketing is still an effective method to turn your visitors into paying customers.

Hopefully, with these key ingredients, you can go and create a successful Email Marketing Campaign. 



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