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September 21, 2022

Fresh Proposals Software Update – Mid-Sept 2022

Fresh Proposals Software Update – Mid Sept 2022

Request Client to Pay First to Sign The Proposal

What is Pay First?

While not all clients pay advance during the proposal stages; we have a set of users who request clients pay advance at the time of signing the proposal/ contract. There is a section of users who wanted to collect advance payment before client can sign the proposal/contract. It may sound counter-intuitive to some professionals but it is not uncommon to collect advance before signing the proposal/ contract.


  • This practice reduces the frustration that comes with account receivable (accounting firms know this better). You are saved from chasing your clients for payment
  • You got to work with clients who value your engagement right from the start
  • This approach invariably sets you at a different level than your competitors if your clients really look at you as a reliable partner/ service provider

To enable such ‘Payment First’ approach, Fresh Proposals has introduced an option in the document editor to request ‘Payment First’

Payment First Option in Client View Options - Proposal Editor

How do clients view the ‘Payment First’ option?

Once enabled, client will not see ‘Sign’ or ‘Accept’ button. S/he will see ‘Pay to Sign’ option

Payment First Option - Proposal Viewed on Desktop

When client views it on the smartphone/ mobile

Pay button with Payment First Option Enabled - Proposal Viewed on Mobile


When the proposal details drawer expanded

Payment First Option Enabled - Proposal Viewed on Mobile

Once advance amount is paid, client can proceed to eSign the document

This change also has implication on the timeline seen on the proposal summary: Activities, Details page,

Payment First Option in Timeline View - Proposal Details

You can also set/ update this option in proposal summary panel as shown below

Payment First Option - Proposal Details Integration


New Document Templates

We have added new set of document templates to the list

Document Templates - Quotes, Sign off,


Language, Locale, RTL Support for Date Picker

Recently we introduced date-picker feature so that your clients can enter dates while signing the proposal/contract. The Date picker component is enhanced to enable multi-lingual clients to see appropriate date picker in their languages.

Date Picker Translation 1

When RTL is enabled, it will look like this

Date Picker in Proposal - Arabic with RTL Enabled


Save Signature with Role to Snippet

You can save signature with role to snippet and reuse those without assigning roles every time. If used in a proposal/ template, it will automatically have the signature role attached to it.

Just another step to be bit more productive.

Client signed the doc but skipped payment – you will know it

To make you better equipped to close sales and get paid, we have introduced a email notification to inform you when a client attempts payment but fails for some reason. At least you will be aware of the payment process was attempted by the client. You can follow up separately with the client if s/he needs any further help or have difficulty in processing payment.


Additional Variables

Now you will be able to use Document Id as a standard variable. You can enter desired alphanumeric value for Document Id in proposal summary or in proposal creation wizard and use this variable in your proposal content, template, section or even the emailer.

Standard Variable - Document Id

Do you know document id has an auto-increment feature?

Client-Contact Salutation

Now you will be able to use salutation for a contact as a standard variable. You can enter desired value like Mr or Mrs or Ms, Sir or Doctor, etc for client contact and use this variable in your proposal content, template, section or even the emailer.

Standard Variable - Client Contact Salutation


Updated UI – Proposals list with Table view to display payment status

In the recent update, we redesigned proposals listing to display proposal status more intuitively. We have further updated the grid or table view proposal payment status : successful or failed.

Proposal Documents Listing - Table View - Highlighted Status

Updated UI for Right Clicks on Content Blocks

Minor UI update, added icons to this menu; since generally not all users understand the meaning of these sub-menu. While one can always Google it out, we hope these icons will help someone to use it without guessing too much.

Right Click Menu Expanded - Icons

Bug Fixes

There are multiple issues we fixed as part of the last update. Here is the list of selected few.

  • Input field : date picker if made mandatory to display asterisk – Fixed
  • New client view would display generic error if proposal has expired – Fixed
  • Updating Weekly fees in Fees library would display its default Weekly value – Fixed


Quick Recap of (Previous) August 2022 Update

We released August 2022 update of Fresh Proposals software with new input field for clients to enter date using date-picker, assign input blocks to client contact or internal users or roles, updated proposal creation wizard, additional document templates. And there are many more enhancements like signature box popup UI redesign, document type filtering in the listing, and bug fixes.

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