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August 27, 2022

Fresh Proposals Software Update – August 2022

Client View with Input fields Date Picker

Fresh Proposals Software Update – August 2022

Allow Your Client to Enter Date – Date Picker in Your Proposal

In your proposal you would like to ask your client when s/he wants to start the engagement.  If you are in hospitality industry, you may want your client to enter specific date of travel/arrival. For legal documentation, you may want your client to enter date of establishment of its business. In short, there are use cases for you to enable your clients enter date in the proposal.

Now you can allow your clients to enter date in your proposal while signing the document. As a part of the August 2022 update, we have introduced an Input block for your clients to enter date.

Editor Toolbar for Input Fields with Date Picker

Once a date picker is added to the proposal, you will be able to set its properties, look & feel.

Date Picker Properties in Proposal Editor


Date Picker in the proposal editor with its properties

Client can pick up the date as shown below

Client View with Input fields Date Picker

You can place date picker on a given page, add text/shape/image around it. You can set properties of the date picker, like

  1. Background color inside the date picker box
  2. Mark whether it is mandatory or not.
  3. Its border
  4. Shadow, etc

If you set the date-picker property as mandatory, clients will have to enter date it before accepting/signing the document.

Make Specific Client-Contact Enter Details – Assign Input Block to Contacts

If you have looked at the date picker properties carefully, you would have noticed a dropdown called ‘Set Signee’. You can assign input blocks like Textbox, Checkbox and Date picker to specific individual/specific – client contact or a role like default client contact.

Let’s say, you send a proposal to client and included three of its representatives as client-contact. However you want only one of them to enter details in the input textbox or tick-through the checkbox or select date (others may not be decision maker/ or may not have authority). If you want a specific person to take actions on input textbox, tick-through the checkbox or select date, you have to use ‘Assign input block’ functionality.

Assign Date Picker to Client Contact

Considering above example, when this document is sent to ‘Allan Border’ client-contact, only Allan will be able to enter date information to the document; others won’t be able to enter date value.

It is like electronic signature. If a signature is assigned to you, you can sign the document, else you won’t be able to sign it. Similarly, if a input textbox, tickbox or date picker is assigned to you; you will be able to take action/ enter input as shown below;

Client View with Input fields Date Picker

otherwise you will not be able to enter such details; as you can see for second date picker field (the one against ‘commence workshop’ is not assigned to the current client-contact)

Client View with Input fields Second Date Selected Unavailable

Note: Current proposals wherein you may have added input textbox or checkbox, and it would be obviously without any client-contact assigned to it. This update will not impact such input blocks in your proposals; meaning, your client-contacts will be able to enter their information while signing the document. However, going forward, we do not expect input blocks to remain unassigned to client-contact. Think of it like unassigned signature box has no meaning if nobody can take any action on it. Hence we do not expect to support input block without anyone assigned to it. We will provide notification and add more clarity about this going forward.

Proposal Creation Wizard

If you are trying to create proposal in proposals page, previously you could create proposals from scratch only; users were unable to pick an existing template. We received similar feedback from few users to be able to view the list of templates on this page to create proposal. We noticed these users were trying to create proposals without knowing/ checking/ using templates. We have updated the proposal creation process on the proposals page as shown below.

You will be able to view list of templates; you can filter the template gallery using options available on the left side.

New Proposal Creation Wizard

As you can see, user still has an option to create proposal from scratch

You can preview the template: clicking on the eye-icon will open template preview in another tab or click to tick icon to create a proposal using selected template

New Proposal Creation Wizard - Card Menu

We have simplified the next step, a bit with collapsable Client & Advanced blocks as shown below

New Proposal Creation Wizard - Step 2 - Select Client

You can continue to enter proposal details

New Proposal Creation Wizard - Step 2 - Enter Additional Details

New Document Templates

We have added new set of document templates to the list under document types like

  1. Contracts
  2. Statement of Work (SoW)
  4. Letters
  5. Change Requests
  6. Agreements, etc


SoW, Change Request, Contracts Templates


Contracts, Quote, Letter Templates

Updated Signing Popup

As client/ internal decision makers click to sign the document, you will notice signature popup has got a new, refreshing look.

Electronic Signature Pop up



Document Type Filter in Proposals Listing

Many users are using Fresh Proposals to send Contracts, NDAs, Quotes, Offer Letter, etc and get those signed. We have introduced document type filter in the proposals listing page as shown below

Proposals Listing - Filter by Document Type

Document Type Filter in Templates Listing

Similarly, in order to filter templates based on the document type such as Contract, Quote, Agreement, Statement of Work, etc; we have included document type filter in templates listing page.

Templates Listing - Filter by Document Type

Updated UI – Proposals List with Table View

We have further updated the grid or table view of proposals listing to display proposal status more intuitively along with few minor improvements to interactiveness of the table.

Proposal Documents Listing - Table View - Highlighted Status


Updated UI – Team Members List in Settings Page

Team members list in the account settings page is updated. Previously each team member was displayed as card, now it is displayed as an easy to view list.

Team Members List - Table View

Bug Fixes

There are multiple issues we fixed as part of the last update. Here is the list of selected few.

  • Adding variables more than once using the right side panel would run into issues- Fixed
  • Document type ‘Other’ has limited space for entering text – Fixed
  • Image library scrollbar sections editor has issues – Fixed
  • High resolution screens – signup, new user onboarding flow – Fixed
  • Misalignment of input field in case of Stripe options in account setting – Fixed
  • Removed default border for date picker – Fixed
  • Account creator Admin role permissions different than other admin(s) – Fixed
  • Misalignment of ‘Success message’ popup in case of Integrations  – Fixed
  • Mobile preview in onboarding would display extra page – Fixed
  • Fees table – Display only the down and up reordering arrow for the fees at top & bottom respectively – Fixed


Quick Recap of (Previous) July 2022 Update

We released June-July 2022 update of Fresh Proposals software with new features such as new fees type as Weekly, new input field for clients to enter : tickbox, set document type for template. With this update, we prohibit users from editing signed, accepted or rejected documents. csv import to import custom fields for client & contacts. And there are many more enhancements and bug fixes.

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