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July 18, 2022

Fresh Proposals Software Update – June-July 2022

Fees Table - Weekly Recurring Fees

Fresh Proposals Software Update – June-July 2022

Include Checkbox in Your Proposal

As a part of the June-July update, we have introduced an Input block for your clients to tick-through. Yes, it is a tick box / Checkbox. Since the Tick box is in addition to the Input Textbox block, we have updated the toolbar to have multiple input blocks. When clicked, it displays a nested menu as shown below.

Editor Nested Toolbar for Input Fields

Once a checkbox is added to the proposal, you will be able to set its properties, look & feel.

Input Field - Checkbox Tickbox Properties

Tickbox - Preview Unticked

You can place checkbox/ tick-box on a given page, add text around it. You can set properties of the checkbox, like

  1. Size
  2. Background color inside the checkbox
  3. Its border size and color
  4. Mark whether it is mandatory or not.
  5. Corner
  6. Shadow, etc

If you make the checkbox as mandatory, clients will have to tick-through it before accepting/signing the document.


Recurring Fee Type: Weekly

As some of you have been working on professional activities that get billed on a weekly basis, we have introduced the “Weekly Recurring Fee” type in the fees table.

Fees Table - Set Fee Type - Recurring Weekly Fee

Once Fee type is selected as Weekly, just like monthly/ yearly or hourly fees, you can

  1. View its recurring type in the sub-total column
  2. Separately view its sub-total from fixed fees as a row in the table footer.

Fees Table - Weekly Recurring Fees

Document Type for Templates

As a part of previous update, we introduced document type for ‘Proposals’ and added proposal related enhancements. In this update we have introduced Document Type for Templates to group document types together.

Create Document Template - Set Document Type

For existing templates, you can also set document type from the dropdown as shown below.

Document Template - Set_Update Document Type

When you generate a proposal/document from a template, its current document type gets associated with the proposal/ client document.(you don’t need to set it separately though you have a choice to set a different document type, later on).

Signed, accepted, rejected proposals – Un-Editable

With this update, proposals/ documents which are already signed or accepted can not be unlocked for editing. You can make a copy of such proposals and make changes in the new document.

Uneditable Proposals - Signed, Accepted, Rejected - Card View


Previously, the system would display clear warning messages before reopening signed/ accepted documents for editing purposes. Now there will be no question of warning user about editing signed/ accepted documents. The option to edit documents will be available to documents other than signed, accepted or rejected documents.

Uneditable Proposals - Signed, Accepted, Rejected


Import CSV file to import custom field values

You will be able to import client-contacts to your FP account along with custom field values (custom fields for Client Company, as well as Contact)

Remember: In the exported sample CSV file, the custom field names would appear as they are configured in your account. If you change/update column names, the import of such columns will not succeed. Also note, if the custom field value is set as mandatory and if you do not provide value to any such mandatory custom field, the contact will not be imported.


Multiple Service Instances of Thumbnail Generation

This one is a bit technical but most likely you will get it. In the past, we noticed: the service that generates ‘thumbnail images’  would get overloaded. More than a year ago, we started using a high configuration server, as the workload increased, we eventually added a separate server to handle different use-cases. Yet, as more users are using it and using it pretty regularly, the service for thumbnail generation of pages has been resource consuming. Last week, we added multiple instances of thumbnail generation micro-service to handle ongoing and future workload.

New User Onboarding – Update to Previewing Proposal

As we also keep learning from new users who are using our tool, We are tweaking, updating/ improving the user onboarding flow. This update has made the proposal preview process quicker and better. New users will be able to see how his/her proposal is displayed for his client/prospect, without getting into editing right in the first few steps.

Bug Fixes

There are multiple issues we fixed as part of the last update. Here is the list of selected few.

  • For screens/browser resizing where Images library wouldn’t list more images on auto-scroll: Fixed, Added ‘Load More’ button
  • Z-index issue with tooltip for changing default contact in proposal editor – Fixed
  • Signature assigned to default contact role, will be assigned to the only contact selected – Foxed
  • Restricted changing default contact if proposal is signed – Fixed
  • Copy-paste from Google Doc, Word with ordered/ unordered list – updating the list, newline with it, has no paragraph style – Fixed
  • Section Editor Toolbar gets unavailable – Fixed
  • Updated pop-warning/info messages – Fixed
  • Proposal Activities – Payment failed activity icon is missing – Fixed
  • Upload of multiple image has issues – Fixed
  • Update tooltip for Input block icon & Shapes (Outer menu) – Fixed

Quick Recap of (Previous) May 2022 Update

We released May 2022 update of Fresh Proposals software with new features such as proposal roles, self-sign with pre-filled name, self-sign: click the box to start signing, previewing Thanking, Reminding emails sent to client, introduced additional Document Type for proposal like Agreement, new client interface sending proposal from preview, and many more enhancements and bug fixes.

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