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July 07, 2022

What is a change request?

what is a change request

Change is unavoidable. A change request is common in project management when a customer wishes to add or modify the agreed-upon deliverables of a project. Such modification might include an extra feature, customization, or a service extension. Because change requests go outside the scope of agreed services, the client is usually required to pay additional resources necessary to manage the change requests.

This article will explain what is a change request and discuss what should you include in a change request form.

What is a change request?

The changes during the project lifecycle can happen for many reasons and it’s absolutely okay for things to change, even with the best-laid plans. Project management is a process where various stakeholders, such as the client, team members, and owners, provide input and feedback on the project in order to make sure it meets its objectives. In fact, one of the most important aspects of this process is receiving and addressing such inputs or often called change requests. 

A change request is a document that tells the company what changes the customer would like to see made to the product or service. A change request can be an easy way for customers to communicate their needs and suggestions to businesses, while also ensuring that their needs are taken into account.

It is a declarative document which means it contains clear and simple information on what needs to be accomplished and how the changes will be performed as well as other relevant information.

Why is it needed?

There is always a possibility that processes or tasks may need modification in any project. Change requests are used to formally describe the details of those parts that need to be changed. Their aim is to seek the change and then manage that change.

Minor changes are sometimes permitted by some organizations without the need of a change request form. However the change request must be completed for any major changes to the scope of the project. This document streamlines the process of creating, submitting, monitoring, and approving (or refusing) the project changes during its lifecycle.

What should a change request include?

Whatever type of change request is submitted there are a few elements that you must include in your change request form. Begin with these essential elements you can create your change request form as per your project needs.

Project Details

  • Project name: Enter the Project Name and reference ID.
  • Date of a change request: Enter the date of this change request
  • Requested by: The person requesting the change

Change Request Details

  • Request description: Describe the required change. Please be as descriptive as possible. Add technical information, a ‘before and after description if applicable. 
  • Reasons for this request: Describe the reasons and objectives of this request. Explain how the change request will affect the Business Case.
  • Options considered to implement the change: List down and document the options the team has explored and assessed.
  • Impact of each option on the project (cost, scope, schedule, quality): For each option, explain the impact on Cost, Scope, Schedule, and Quality. 
  • Chosen solution: Explain which option has been chosen and why.
  • Approval, signature, and date: List the Change Request Approvers including name, job title, signature, and date.


An example of a change request form

change request form


Approval or rejection of change request

The approval process has different ways; it depends on the organization. In general, the change request that requires minor additional work can be granted by the team itself. However, the change request that would need a few months of additional work may necessitate approval from all members of the executive committee.  


The best way to deal with any changes in the project is to have a proper change management process in place. And a fail-safe way to do that is by using the right change request template. Fresh Proposals offers the change request template that not only captures details of the change, and the reason for it but it captures the signature of the person who approved the change.

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