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September 28, 2021

Fresh Proposals Software Update – Sept 2021

Fresh Proposals Software Update - Sept 2021

We have few integration + enhancements to Fresh Proposals this month..

Now, here are some of the Fresh Proposals Software Update – Sept 2021

Fresh Proposals Software Update – Sept 2021

Trello Integration

Now you can automate project management based on proposal acceptance/signing using Trello. Presenting Fresh Proposals integration with Trello.

You can connect your Trello account with Fresh Proposals

Fresh Proposals Software + Trello Integration - Connect

While connecting your Trello account with Fresh Proposals, you can review the permission required for the integration to work

Fresh Proposals Software + Trello Integration- Access Permissions

Once connected, you can select which board and list to be used to add new card toFresh Proposals Software+ Trello Integration - Connect Board, Select List

As the proposal status changes to Signed or Accepted, new card is added to desired board + list.

Fresh Proposals Software + Trello Integration- Board With New Card

Newly added card has description about client and its email id who have accepted /signed the proposalFresh Proposals Software + Trello Integration- New Card Opened

Basecamp Integration

Basecamp is one of the most popular project collaboration software. We noticed, quite a few Fresh Proposals users who are into marketing and branding area are ardent users of this Basecamp. Well the good news for you guys. Now you can automate project creation in Basecamp using Fresh Proposals. Basically, you are ready to start planning the project, as soon as the proposal is signed by your client.

What you can do with this integration and what are the steps to make this integration work for you?

Connect Basecamp account with Fresh Proposals

Basecamp Integration with Fresh Proposals Software- Connect

Enable Access Permission to Fresh Proposals

Basecamp Integration with Fresh Proposals Software - Access Permissions

Enable Project Creation Option

Basecamp Integration with Fresh Proposals Software - Enable Project Creation

Accepted Proposal – Project is Created

Basecamp Integration with Fresh Proposals Software - New Project Created for an Accepted Proposal

Accepted Proposal – Proposal PDF is uploaded to Projects Folder

Basecamp Integration with Fresh Proposals Software - Proposal Signed PDF is uploaded to Projects Folder

You can access it inside the folder as shown below

Basecamp Integration with Fresh Proposals Software - Proposal Signed PDF in Project Folder


Workspace / Sub-Accounts

We are very excited to introduce new feature called Workspace (sub-accounts). Workspaces in Fresh Proposals enable you to separate your proposals, templates, clients, library information from other business units or companies. What is even amazing, you can have distinct custom domain, email whitelisting for each of the workspaces.

As the main workspace admin, you can create workspaces and switch workspaces either from the top level menu as shown below

Add Workspace from Top Menu in Fresh Proposals Software

or you can add it from the Settings > Workspace page

Add Workspace from Setting in Fresh Proposals Software

You can invite users to these workspaces to manage the workspace or create/manage proposals in it.

Invite Workspace admin while creating a workspace


Switch Workspace

If you are the main account administrator and you would like to switch to another workspace, you can use the top-level menu to switch the workspace

Switch Workspace- Top Level Menu

or you can use the Settings > Workspace > Workspace Card > Open Workspace button as shown below

Switch Workspace From Settings

To know more about workspaces, refer this guide.

Customize Proposal Button in the Emailer

You could set custom text for the proposal button sent in the initiating proposal email. Some of you have requested to customize it in terms of the button color and text color. Here you go, you have the ability to set the button design as you would like. It will be used for initiating proposal emails sent thereafter.

Proposal Button Settings in Fresh Proposal Software

Set Link to Image/ Shape

You can set link to an image / shape in the editor and client will be able to click on it. This can be helpful if you want to add your own CTA with shapes or images.

Online Proposal Editor: Add Link to Image, Shape


Change the Width of a Fees Table

In certain cases, you may want to change the width of the fees table in your proposal/template. With the option to increase/decrease width of the fees table along with option to choose fees type and show/hide sub-total column you will be able to present fees table in a different form.

As you will click on the Fees table header/footer, you will see Table Properties in the right side panel, click on the the Table Style Tab on the right and then Header Option. You will see Width field as highlighted below. Use up-down arrow to change the size of the table.

Resize Width of a Fees Table in Fresh Proposals Software

Remember, it will not scale up/down the text size inside it. You will still have to check whether all the information is properly visible after resizing the table width.

Reorder Fee Row in the Fees Table

You can change the order of the fee rows added in your fees table. As you will click on any of the fee rows, you will see up/down arrow on the left side of the fee row. You can click on it to move it one step below or one step up.

Proposal Software : Fees Table- Reorder Fee Row


Bug Fixes

We fixed quite a few bugs, enlisting few of those especially if you have reported those to us.

Client First Name, Client Last Name Variable Viewed Second Time
As we are refining proposal analytics for returning visitors, this issue cropped up. Though client would have seen the proposal normally when the checked it for the first time, upon returning or viewing the proposal again, these variables would be displayed as blank, it has been fixed already.
Video Link in the PDF
You can add video in your proposal document and it works well when client views it online. However when the proposal is downloaded as a PDF File, it has challenges in terms of playing the video. We have added a link to the video in the PDF file.
Accept/Reject Buttons in Landscape Proposal
There was a layout issue with the Accept/Reject buttons displayed for client in the Landscape oriented proposals. Also turning-off the option to display Accept/Reject buttons (basically hide) wasn’t working correctly in Landscape mode These have been fixed.
Client Name Seen Improper in Proposal Analytics Dropdown – fixed
Proposal with multiple client-contacts and if few names are lengthy, the dropdown would not display names properly, it is fixed now.
Signature Label Alignment When RTL Option is Enabled – fixed
The signature label text was shown overlapping when RTL option is enabled. It is fixed now.
Language Translation Update – fixed
There were certain labels, pop-up messages which remained untranslated. Translation for those labels have been updated.
Preview Client Contact Details
To know details of a client or its contact in the clients listing page, you don’t have to click on the edit option. You can click on the ‘eye’ icon and view its details.
Snippet Icon + Repeater Mode
We have updated the icon for Snippet to make it more relevant. Also Snippet feature is available in Repeater mode excluding Fees table, Content Table, Video objects.
Proposal Creation Wizard: Client List UI Issue – fixed
For higher resolutions (1600px, 1680px,1920px and more), proposal creation wizard would display client listing box way smaller. It has been fixed.
Email Signature Not Save Issue – fixed
Changes to email signature in Account > Settings > Email Signature was not getting saved, it was referring to signature cached in the browser memory while sending email. This has been fixed.

What is next?

  • Dropbox Integration
  • Auto flow of text box to next page, redesigned – Dev+Testing cycle
  • Advance dashboard, reporting – Nearly Ready
  • Section Versioning – Nearly ready


In case you have missed last update, here you go.

Quick Recap of (Previous) August 2021 Update

We released August update of Fresh Proposals software with new features such as HubSpot integration, component grouping, proposal listing with status indicator, proposal search options, inclusion of profile photos, favicon etc.

In the month of June we have added new integration, quite a few new features and enhancement as well as templates to Fresh Proposals software.

Thank you for your support and love!

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