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November 18, 2021

Fresh Proposals + Google Drive Integration

Google Drive + Fresh Proposals Integration

We are excited to announce availability of Google Drive integration with Fresh Proposals. This integration has been requested by current Fresh Proposals users.

Automate Storing of eSigned Documents with Fresh Proposals

More often than not, you struggle to centralize your sales documents. It is scattered across emails, files, various online tools. If you are putting all such documents in one place like Google Drive, Fresh Proposals has just enabled you to do the same for eSigned documents.

You can connect your Google Drive account with Fresh Proposals, select desired folder to store eSigned documents and you are all set.

Let’s look at how to set up this integration.

If you are logged in to Fresh Proposals software, in the Integrations page, you will find Google Drive icon. Click on it

Fresh Proposal Software Integration with Google Drive

Now you will see a button to Connect Google Drive, click on it

Google Integration - Connect

You will be prompted to select desired Google Account (if there are multiple options to choose from)

Google Integration - Select Google Account

You will be able see the confirmation pop up box.

Google Integration - Connect Confirmation

You will be able to view list of folders available in the Google Drive. You can browser through the folders list, click on Open folder go open folders inside it, click to go to one level up and

Google Integration - Open Folder

You can click on the right side icon to select the folder as the desired folder to store eSigned proposal PDF files.

Google Integration - Use Folder

The chosen folder will look like this.

Google Integration - Connected, Folder Selected


Once you enable the switch  (turn ON), you are all set to use the integration and your next document which is signed by all parties (or accepted by all parties) will be automatically stored in this Google Drive folder.

About Fresh Proposals
Fresh Proposals is a cloud based proposal software. It offers ready to use business proposal templates which are 100% customizable. You can create interactive quotes in minutes, organize and reuse content, send proposals in lesser time. Once proposal is sent, tool does automated follow up and you get insights to how client has interacted with your proposals and get your documents eSigned.

Want to give Fresh Proposals a spin? Start a free trial.

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