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If you are a company that provides project services to organizations, you can use this free example of a project proposal template to introduce your project management services to projects/ clients. Use this persuasive project proposal template to pitch your expertise, results-driven approach, and win more business.

We’ve put together project management, consulting elements like project management expertise, certifications like CAPM, PMP, etc, project management methodology like project planning, project risk management, issues/incident tracking, project financials and controls, change management, resources planning, assignments, project portfolio management, etc. You can use these aspects from this template, you just have to fill in the blacks and customize it as you feel right.


Project Proposal Template Format


When it comes to creating a Project proposal template, you’ll be able to save a lot of time and energy if you have this master proposal template to lean on. This proposal template allows you to customize each part of it, for your clients in a matter of minutes. 


With this proposal template you have

A Cover Page That’ll Create The Buzz

The very first thing your client will notice is a visually appealing cover page of your Project proposal. This cover page will give the best hints to check out something more within the proposal.

Project Proposal Template - Cover Page

Compelling Cover Letter

The very first thing this proposal template would do is it’ll make the person reading it nod their head. The cover letter enclosed in the template will quickly paint a picture for them of a familiar scenario: Their company and the problem they know they are facing and allow you to present the positives.

Project Proposal Template - Cover Letter

Project Goals and Overview

This section will give an idea of the desired result client can expect from your project management services, it’ll give you an outline of your project plan.

Project Proposal Template - KPIs

Pre-Written Set Of Project Services

This is the section where you’ll get a pre-written section of project management programs. Here you can add/remove programs based on client goals and project requirements.

Project Proposal Template - Services

An Evaluation Plan

In this section, you can include an evaluation plan and help your client determine how will you measure the success of your project services program.


Project Proposal Template - Activities

Interactive Investment Fee Table

The investment section almost everyone wants to look at first. With this section, you can clearly present the pricing options, schedule using interactive pricing table and make them choose right ones and accept your proposal without a second thought.

Project Proposal Template - Budget

General Terms and Conditions for Project Services

This section where your contract terms, fine print, and signature live. Please note, we are not legal experts, seek legal expert’s opinions about T&C mentioned in this section before sending a proposal to your clients.

Project Proposal - contract terms

Project Proposal 

What is a project proposal?

A project proposal is a document that usually provides a comprehensive overview of the tasks involved in a prospective project. It’s a formal way of presenting the activities/work before a project begins. 

How to create a project proposal? An ideal project proposal template includes information about the following,

  • Details about your company, what do you do, etc
  • Your company’s expertise
  • What is the client’s problem and how will you solve those
  • The timeline and objectives
  • The budget of the project
  • Terms on services
what is a project proposal
what is the purpose of a project proposal

What is the purpose of a project proposal?

This important document has two purposes:

  • To persuade the reader that your project services are valuable for their business.
  • To persuade the reader that your company is the one for the job.

You can use a project proposal any time when you want to get a new client or if you have an existing client that wants a new set of project services from your company. 

So, to ensure your business remains competitive and effective, you need to craft a project proposal that follows the checklist, is well organized, concise, and contains all the relevant details the prospect needs.

Business owners normally ask for multiple proposals from multiple companies to decide which one is the best fit for their project needs. Project proposal helps business owners shortlist, decide, and even in some cases award work to a specific firm.

Why should you use a template for your project proposal?

More than having some ready language, the project proposal template helps you set the 

  • Clear structure to your proposal that is easy for your prospect to navigate your understanding of the client’s problem, your proposition, approach, capabilities, timeline, showcase other work and quotation
  • The right tone that makes easy for your prospect to see that you are already involved with him/her to solve the problem
  • The right visuals enable the prospect to subconsciously engage you for the next stage.

Explore more benefits of using a template for project proposal

why use project proposal template
things to consider before selecting a project proposal template

5 things to consider before choosing a project proposal template

Customizing your project proposal is a convenient way to show your prospect that you understand them. The more you tailor your proposal, the more it will be effective and convincing.

That’s why it is advisable to use the RIGHT project proposal template to create a sales document. The right project proposal template will not only help you hit the right targets it will also help you save a lot of time and most importantly it will ensure consistency. Here are all the things that you must tick off before you  select a project proposal template,

  • Tone
  • Looks
  • Design
  • Color

How long should a project proposal template be?

There is one thing you need to keep in mind while developing a project proposal template that it should be long enough to get to the main points such as who is proposing what and how they can solve the problem. At the same time, it should be concise enough to hold the reader’s attention.

The length of each type of project proposal also depends on who is reviewing it,

If there is only one decision-maker with whom you’ve had the discussion on the problem prior to submitting a proposal you can keep it short.

If your business proposal is being read by a panel of decision-makers and you haven’t got a chance to communicate with each of them, then you can explain each section of your proposal in detail.

how long should a project proposal be
use visual elements to stand out your project proposal

How do you make your project proposal template stand out?

By adding visuals to your project proposals.

A wordy and unattractive project proposal can be a real turn-off to your prospective clients. It can send a message that you didn’t care enough to make your proposal look good.

Types of Visual Elements You Can Include in Your Project Proposal

  • Infographics
  • Videos
  • Images
  • Graphs and charts
  • Tables
  • Brand logo

Common challenges faced when developing a project proposal template

Are you facing challenges in developing a project proposal template? Deadline is approaching fast and you are not sure how to start writing the proposal?

Here are the challenges you and your sales team faces when developing a project proposal template

  • You have to keep requesting information from multiple teams
  • Every single proposal. ‘writer/contributor/reviewer’ involved in the process of proposal creation, continues creating his/her own version of the project proposal.
  • No central hub for standard marketing collateral such as logo, images, best-written piece/well crafted ‘About Us’, Why Us’ and ‘pricing/investment’.
  • There are challenges related to review and approval.
project proposal template - challenges




Is your project proposal customizable?
Yes, absolutely! All parts of your template are 100% editable and customizable. Open your project proposal template in an “editing mode” and customize it to create your own that suits your brand. The text, color, images everything is customizable.
Can clients sign the project proposal online?
Absolutely! With the online signature, you can provide a seamless digital experience to your prospects and save everyone from the hassle of printing, signing, scanning, and sending physical copies of your proposals. This will allow you to seal the deal faster.
Does it offer interactive pricing?
Yes, it does have an interactive pricing table, meaning if you want, the client can change the quantity, select/deselect services and s/he can check the final total (again configurable) along with applicable taxes & discounts. 
Can I export or save this project proposal as PDF?
Sure you can. You and your client can download the proposal PDF for future reference.You can also configure whether to allow your clients to download the PDF or not, before signing & accepting the proposal. 
Can I add images, videos in a project proposal?
Totally! You can give your project proposal an elegant & branded touch by adding images or you can show your best work to your prospects by adding videos.
Does your project proposal also include a contract?
Yes, we do have a sample proposal content and a sample contract for your use. The proposal comes with a section that includes a project contract, terms on services terms, and an online signature. Please note, even though this proposal comes with a project contract but we are not legal experts, seek legal expert’s opinions about the T&C mentioned in this section before sending a proposal to your clients.

Advantages of Proposal Templates

Proposal Templates Software

Make The Best First Impression: Hook Them Up

When your client receives your proposal, they would want to open it right away. Use this free proposal template to get the reactions like, “Wow”, “Cool”, “These guys are impressive” 

Ready to Use Templates : Save Time

Get your  proposal in front of your prospects quickly so that you don’t lose the next business. Pick this ready to use polished proposal template and outrank your competitors. No more struggling with proposal pieces.

Advantages of Proposal Templates - 100% Editable

100% Customizable: Make It Your Thing

These templates are 100% editable and customizable. Pick your free proposal template and customize it to suit your brand. The sections, text, color, images everything can be changed.

Advantages of Proposal Templates - Clear Structure

Clean Structure: Easy Navigation

With clean structure in your proposal, you can make it super easy for your clients to uncover, understand your proposal better. Clear structure helps your clients to set their expectations, right from the beginning.

Advantages of Proposal Templates  - Interactive Quotation / Pricing

Interactive Quotation / Pricing

This proposal template has interactive quotation; meaning if you want, client can change quantity, select/deselect services and s/he can check final total (again configurable) along with applicable taxes & discounts

Advantages of Proposal Templates  - Interactive Quotation / Pricing

Download and Save as PDF

Would you ever need proposals in Microsoft Word format? I doubt. With online editor, tracking for proposal, you are better off with Fresh Proposals software. You can also download proposal PDF file.


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