Connection Quad Cities

You are not alone.

You are enough.

You do not need to change to be loved.


What is Connection?

Connection Quad Cities creates spaces to build community, embrace vulnerability, and practice compassion. In other words, Connection create opportunities for people to gather to learn from one another about what it means to be human. We create spaces to ask questions, and get asked questions, about our lives and about what really matters. We build community that supports one another by asking questions like: • How can I show up for you in tangible ways? • How can I support you as you heal from your trauma and/or grief? • How can I help you process your reality in a healthy way? To accomplish all of this, we have created three gatherings––two weekly gatherings and one bi-weekly––for more information on our gatherings, click here.

How does Connection give back to the community?

Giving back to individuals and organizations in the Quad Cities is extremely important to us. We have various opportunities for people to practice compassion and give back, click on a link below to find more information. BIA Therapy Fund, Laundry Love QC, Give & Grubs, Cash Mobs, Compassion Sundays, & Compassion Cash.

Is this a church?

Nope. Connection Quad Cities began as a church in 2010, but became a non-religious non-profit in 2018. To read more about who we are and what we do, click here.

Who is Connection for?

Connection is for everyone. We have three gatherings, each one designed to scratch a different itch. The common thread tying all three together is people looking to for friendship and support, because life is just flat out hard to go through alone. We have people who come looking to have vulnerable discussions around life, faith and spirituality. We have people looking for a safe space to work through their trauma and grief. We have people who come looking to do the difficult inner work that life often requires of us. Athiests, agnostics, buddhists, christians––all attend.

I don't like reading, do you have videos I can watch?

We sure do. We've got a page lousy with videos.