Black in America

Therapy Fund

More often than not, being Black in America results in needing therapy.


The BIA Therapy Fund is designed to ease the financial burden of therapy sessions for the Black community members of the Quad-Cities who have experienced racial trauma.

How it works:


Fill out brief application form to add your name to our list.

Make A


Therapy sessions can range from $50-$200. You can donate to cover an entire session or chip in however much you can!


Every dollar donated will be spent on paying for a therapy session.

Click below to donate or send money via Paypal to


Wait for your confirmation number.


Research our partnering therapists to identify who you might want to talk see.


Contact the therapist and/or their office and give them your confirmation number.


You're all set! Work with your therapist to schedule 5 sessions at zero cost to you.

Our Partnering Offices

Please research these offices to see which therapist might be the best fit for you.

Why these offices? Read here.


Southpark Psychology


2100 52nd Avenue
Moline, IL 61265


Thriving Families Counseling Services


2213 Grand Avenue

Des Moines, Iowa 50312

Quad City Behavioral Health Associates



4709 44th St. Suite 5

Rock Island, IL 61201

McGruder Counseling Services


833 N. Lafayette St. Suite 5
Macomb, IL 61455


Can I see my own therapist?

Yes. If you would like to see a therapist not listed, please contact us here and let us know. We will contact your therapist to set up billing arrangements.

Why only two offices?

These two offices have simply pre-arranged a billing system with the BIA Therapy Fund. Seeing a therapist at one of these offices will expedite the process. If you would like to see a therapist not listed, please contact us here and let us know. 

Are all of these therapists specially trained in regard to racial trauma?

Some are, some are not. As with any patient-doctor relationship, you must do your own research and decide who you would like to see.

Is my information safe?

Yes. The BIA Therapy Fund receives invoices with a patient number only. We do not have access to any of your personal information or data.

Why are only five sessions covered?

We consulted with therapists and the consensus was that four to six sessions would be a good amount to make some progress. Five sessions also makes sense for the BIA Therapy Fund from a financial stand point; it allows us to help more people.

Have more questions?

If you have any additional questions please contact us here.