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Watch this series of videos to see more about what we do and why we do it.

What is Connection?

There is nothing worse in life than feeling alone, so we create spaces that remind us that we are not alone. We simply see our gatherings as a reminder of the things we easily forget.


That we have people around us who support us and accept us. That we aren’t alone. That we are enough just as we are. We don’t need to change in order to be accepted.

Statement of Standing

At Connection, we begin every gathering with what we call a “Statement of Standing.” So we read these statements to remind us our that acceptance is not based off of how well our life is going.

​We admit that life can be painful We admit that life often doesn’t make sense. We do not believe that religion will make your life pain free.

Centering & De-centering

Every Sunday morning at Connection we do what we call centering and de-centering practices.


These practices take many forms, some weeks we read a parable, some weeks we do a group meditation, some weeks we what we call “The Good, the Bad, & the Ugly.”


And some weeks we do all three.

Why Still Practice Communion?

Although this ritual originates from our christian roots, we don't do communion, as a way to say that Christianity is the only way. The reason we still do communion is because the symbolism is so powerful. 

We simply see it as an act that says, “I am committed to this community. I am committed to this journey with the people around me. I need them and they need me.”

Group Discussions

Instead of a thirty minute sermon, someone will present an idea or give a short talk for 5-7 minutes and that serves as a launching point for a group discussion.

Creating a space for healthy dialogue and discussion takes the focus off of “having the right answers” and moves the focus to “let’s go through this journey together.”

Reminder of Death

Each Sunday, we conclude our services with a Reminder of Death. This could be a poem, a parable, a quote, a song lyric— anything that causes us to pause and reflect on our


Our reminder of death helps frame a perspective for our upcoming week; it pushes us to be more present with all that is here, all that is natural, and all that is love.