What We Do

"If I ever become a saint — I shall be a saint of darkness. I will continually be absent from heaven — to light the light of those in darkness on earth."

-Mother Teresa



Connection Davenport

Sundays @ 10:10 am

Connection Moline

Wednesdays @ 5:30

Our Moline church gathers in a home. We share a meal and drinks around spiritual conversation that’s honest, meaningful, and includes as many questions as answers.


Sometimes we simply talk about how our weeks went, other times we ask the hard (and interesting) questions about God, faith, and life purpose.

Our Quad Cities’ church gathers in downtown Davenport at Coworkqc. We share coffee as we get to know one another, explore our faith, tell our stories, meditate, pray, create art, and have a discussion.


For those with children, we welcome you and your children to our family atmosphere.



We believe we’re only a church when we’re actively involved in this world. Not with the goal to convert people to our religion, but with the goal of spreading love and compassion to our community.  


Laundry Love

We pay to clean laundry at two local laundromats. Simply show up with your dirty clothes and we’ll wash them and dry them—for free! We intentionally do this at the same laundromats so we can build relationships with those who come. For more information on Laundry Love QC, including volunteering and donating, click here.

Give & Grub.jpg

Give & Grub

Eating good, local food while supporting a local social justice cause. Sound fun? Sound meaningful? I thought so! Three times a year we sponsor Give & Grub--a dinner where we invite anyone and everyone to enjoy great food while donating to a great cause.


Cash Mob

Cash mobbing is a way to love our neighbor, a way to support our community, a way to invest in the people and places that make the Quad Cities our home. Being a small business owner can be lonely and discouraging because so many choose the convenience of major corporations. Cash mobs not only raise awareness of local options, they also let small business owners know they’re important to our city. 


Missional Sunday

Twice a year we gather on Sundays for the sole purpose of showing compassion and justice. We leave the church building in order to be the church in our city: by doing yard word for an elderly widow, buying and delivering rice cookers to World Relief, playing soccer with refugee children, going out to breakfast and anonymously paying someone’s bill...the list goes on! We intentionally do Missional Sunday on Sunday to make a point: the purpose of church is not to retreat and separate ourselves from the world, but to actively engage with the community around us.


Blessing of the Bicycles

On the last Sunday in August, we hold our Sunday Gathering at Great River Brewery, encouraging everyone to ride their bikes there. Why? Because we want to celebrate being conscious of our transportation choices and the impact they make on the world. It's our belief that much of western spirituality has largely ignored this good world--and we see it as our mission to love it and take care of it well. We bless bikes—but also running/walking shoes, skateboards, rollerblades, canes, crutches, wheelchairs, and anything else that moves us around without gas or electricity. We share pizza, drinks, and go for a ride along the Mississippi River. We also donate a new bike to a child in need.


Christmas Caroling at Specialty Select Hospital

Every Christmas season we sing Christmas carols to patients at Davenport’s Select Specialty Hospital. It’s always an emotional and uplifting experience.